E360 Station Analytics

Real-time analysis and visibility across your network of stations

E360 Station Analytics delivers real-time data from your network of stations to you whenever and wherever you need it. With E360’s data warehouse equipped to handle big data; sales, stock, payments and other operational information are aggregated to provide holistic and granular visibility of your stations, supporting you to make more accurate decisions on the fly.

E360 Station Analytics provides automatic reconciliation of stock and sales transactional data which means that we are able to pinpoint the exact source of loss without entering into lengthy equipment isolation processes, which can have a negative financial impact upon your fuel business.

Why Choose E360 Station Analytics?

E360 Station Analytics will have an extremely positive impact on many aspects of your fuel business. It can minimize financial loss by determining issues of fuel loss swiftly, such as those from cash leaks, tank leaks, theft, over-dispensing and short deliveries. Monitor price change activities with E360 Station Analytics thereby helping you to eradicate price change fraud.

Intuitive & Smart Features

Receive instant alerts about any fraud detected in your operations,
and near-instant data from your gas stations from our cutting edge sensors.


Find out how your station is performing,
make the right data-led decisions at the right time
about your business to maximise efficiency.


Our unique fraud-detection algorithms help to surface anomalies in the operations within your stations and therefore guarantees a better chance of profitability.


Receive timely notifications to reorder product at the right time based on your consumption profile, average lead time to stock delivery and other local factors that our specialist team is constantly monitoring.


We know that many of our customers operate
multiple stations and our app gives you a global
aggregate view as well as the ability to drill down
into specific stations to help you monitor the
performance of your operations.