E360 Station Manager

Fuel your margins with our one-stop gas station software solution

E360 Station Manager can help you to manage your fuel business more effectively. The E360 Station Manager is an innovative cloud based software as a service designed to optimize fuel station operations, margins and ensure proper controls at the forecourt.

E360 Station Manager centralises data from across your network of stations allowing you greater insight into stock levels, pump activity, pricing, margin management, historic sales trends, expenses, payments and customer behaviour.

Why Choose E360 Station Manager?

E360 Station Manager offers a comprehensive suite of modules to you covering Sales & Order Management, Inventory Management, Supply Management,  Cash Reconciliation, Expense Management and Pricing.      

  • Manage, monitor and simplify the process of price change at the forecourt for your entire network of stations by remotely changing fuel prices instantly using the E360 Station Manager, 
  • Easily verify fuel delivery quantities in your tanks at all stations in your network, track consignment records, minimize fuel losses, 
  • Gain 100% visibility into fuel delivery life cycles,
  • Manage and monitor expenses, cut down on excess operational expenses,   
  • Track revenue and payments via POS, bank payments and other payment methods,
  • Benefit from automated reconciliation algorithms built to support finance processes,
  • Manage sales of non-white products through the store management module; track lubes and LPG sales and inventory.