Energy360 Africa Ltd

Arts, Culture And Heritage: Levers For Building The Africa We Want

The Africa we want is one built on cultural values such as integrity, trust and honesty, these are values that we believe can be used to support development in Africa.

We at Energy360 Africa are using our technological solutions to help build a downstream oil and gas sector that is based on open market and integrity. 

Some of our products and the solutions they provide include: 

  • Cupid Fueling- This technology solution ensures that the amount of fuel customers pay for at the forecourt is exactly what is dispensed. 
  • The E360 Retail Digitization Solution: The Station Manager solution allows fuel business owners remotely monitor all business operations at the forecourt in real time confident that human errors and discrepancies will be eliminated.  
  • Cupid Retail- Our Cupid Retail cards can be loaded with money and used at the forecourt of petrol stations to pay for fueling, car repair/maintenance services or buy groceries and other petroleum products.
  • Cupid Payments: This solution makes cash reconciliation easy for fuel business owners. 

At Energ360 Africa, we are building technology solutions to foster integrity and prepare the downstream oil and gas sector for a future in self-service. The future is NOW!

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