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My e360 story: “Calibrating my growth as a software engineer”

Welcome to the latest blog series on #MyE360Story. Here are some real stories from the thinkers, innovators and go-getters at Energy360 Africa. Today’s story is about AbdulRahman Solanke, one of our Software Engineers.

What made you grow interest in Software Engineering?

I took a very unconventional route towards software engineering, I have a background in embedded systems, so when I was in school that served as an advantage and I was pretty good with microcontrollers and embedded systems. In my final year I did my project on wireless sensing network, I wanted to build something that could automate different things that I could control. There were a lot of other plug and play options that I could have chosen but I wanted to understand what I was doing and that was how I grew interest in software engineering and I have not stopped ever since.

How would you describe your role at Energy360 Africa?

I am a backend engineer primarily, depending on the specifications of the project. I also juggle backend engineering with embedded system design. I enjoy taking data from data sources, optimising the queries to get the data and writing endpoints from the data so that other engineers can use. It has been an interesting journey.

What motivates you to work?

Growth is really important and one of the best ways to know if you have grown or are growing is to calibrate your growth, it is one of the things that I do. I have people in fields related to mine that I look up to and derive inspiration from and I have calibrated my growth such that at a particular stage I know where I am and I know where I want to get to and how much work I still have to put in. As cliche as it sounds, I really want to be a world class engineer, to be able to put myself on the global pedestal. Having this at the back of my mind helps me to get back on track and stay motivated.

Do you have any tips you would like to share with aspiring Software Engineers?

Imposter syndrome is a given you will always have imposter syndrome but the only way to defeat it is by having more imposter syndrome, the more you do, the more you feel you don’t know but that is the way you keep learning and continue to get better. I also advise patience and also calibrate your growth, don’t dabble into numerous things at the same time, focus on one thing at a time and try to improve on that thing.

Energy360 Africa is a wonderful place to work, it is one of the few places where you are in close proximity with your work, where you can see first-hand the impact of your work, I appreciate the fact that as software engineers we are encouraged to think outside the box, E360 is a growth-oriented environment.

This is #MyE360Story

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