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My e360 story: Ensuring customer happiness as a business development executive

Welcome to the latest blog series on #MyE360Story. Here are some real stories from the thinkers, innovators and go-getters at Energy360 Africa. Today’s story is about Ugochukwu Onuoha, one of our Business Development Executives.

  • What made you grow interest in Business Development?

Well, I will say it started with my background. I had a mother who was into trading and most of my formative years I spent with her in the market. Growing up, I always had a dream of owning my own business then I worked in a Business Management firm and my role made me more attracted to Business Development ever since.

  • How would you describe your role at Energy360 Africa?

My role is a very demanding and critical one. It is a role that contributes largely to the success and growth of the company. My role as a Business Development Executive is a combination of many other roles, from strategy development to marketing to sale down to customer relationships management.

I am the face of the business to customers. I manage the relationship between the organization and her customers, I ensure that our customers are happy with our products and services, how do I do this? At the pre-deployment stage, I follow up with customers and potential customers through calls, emails, virtual or physical meetings to understand their pain points and then proffer our technology solutions that address their specific needs.

Post-deployment, I follow up with calls as well, to ensure that our solutions are effectively addressing our customers’ needs and that these solutions are actively in use at the different locations where they are deployed.

  • What motivates you to work?

Results and passion motivate me. Sometimes you get instant results and some other times the cycle/process just takes a longer time to happen which can be discouraging at times. Whenever I need extra motivation I look back at the little results and achievements that I have made thus far and for me that is enough to keep me going despite the heat.

  • Do you have any tips you would like to share with aspiring Business Development Executives?

Aspiring Business Development Executives should understand that sometimes they will have to face many obstacles before their first win. There will be lots of NOs but not enough to make them give up on their goals. Fall once get up twice and keep trying.

My career journey at E360 has been an eye-opener for me, working with creative and innovative millennials at Energy360 has helped me greatly in the way I think and see things. It has also helped me greatly in consciously improving myself in order not to be left behind. The working culture at E360 is one every millennial would fit in quickly. Thank you E360 for the opportunity.

This is #MyE360Story.

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