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My e360 story: From design executive to leading a dedicated technology support team

Welcome to the latest blog series on #MyE360Story. Here are some real stories from the thinkers, innovators and go-getters at Energy360 Africa. Today’s story is about Isaac Akanni our Technology Support Lead.

Isaac joined E360 as a ‘Design Executive’ and he has grown to the role of a Technology Support Lead where he manages a team of problem solvers.

  • How would you describe your role at Energy360 Africa?

As the technology support lead at E360, I have to wear different hats at different times – and wear them well, in other words, I have to juggle different responsibilities and perform them well.

After accepting a calendar invite for a customer’s onboarding session out of the state, I could continue my day brainstorming on performance improvements for our apps or querying one of our databases to download and analyze a client’s report for the last year and a few hours later, I’ll be looking at a dashboard wondering why some other station’s sales data is indicating foul play somewhere while ultimately ensuring that the most important person, our customers, remains happy

  • What motivates you to work?

How I’m able to keep myself motivated and maintain my sanity is by believing I am the best at what I am doing each time. When I am writing SQL queries, I tell myself that I am the best SQL guy that has ever walked the surface of God’s green earth. When I am investigating data accuracy or troubleshooting any form of data inconsistency, I am also giving that my full attention and when I am outside the office anchoring a training session, there’s no other place I would rather be.

In the end, I am excited to be part of a team that is visibly making a difference in Africa’s oil and gas industry. Although very demanding, my time here is growing to be one of the best moments of my life because when I am at work, I get a constant reminder that I can be whoever I want to be if only I can think I am.

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