Empowering effective decisions
in the retail fuels vertical

E360 Station Analytics delivers over 100 KPIs aggregated for fuel retailers, empowering stakeholders to make better data driven decisions that attract business gains. Some of the key performance indicators available on this platform are:

→ Real time sales analysis
→ Real time tank movements (consumption, deliveries, fuel levels, temperature, water levels)
→ Payments analysis (card, cash, fuel card, e-wallet & more)
→ Reconciliation & fraud analysis
→ Customer behavioural insights
→ Sales marketing insights
→ Price trend & survey analysis
→ Automated stock replenishment planning
→ Pump performance & flow analysis
→ Downloadable reports & alerts.


Driving digital inclusion for
fuel stations

The E360 Station Manager is a cloud based solution for efficient fuel station operations management. Leverage the power of this innovation to apply relevant controls that guarantee revenue assurance.

→ Manage sales and stock data captured by station managers or other authorised users,
→ Change pump price remotely or physically,
→ Manage expenses,
→ Manage payments (by multiple methods – cash, bank card, fuel card, loyalty)
→ Manage fuel supply and deliveries,
→ Manage sales of non-white products e.g. lubes, LPG, retail store items,
→ and more...


  • Monthly per Station
  • 25,000
    • Unlimited number of users.
    • Pump price change.
    • Pump sales management.
      • Opening totalizer mgt.
      • Shift management
      • Closing totalizer mgt.
    • Tank stock management
      • Opening tank records
      • Closing tank records
      • Delivery records
      • Return to tank records
    • E360 Station Analytics Standard
      • Daily sales reports
      • Daily stock reports
      • Delivery reports
      • Station league table reports
      • Station audit reports
      • Alerts & Notifications
    • No IoT Plugin
  • Monthly per Station
  • 35,000
    • All standard features +
    • Remote pump price change with approval workflow*
    • Payment management (standard)
    • Fuel supply management
      • Request, process and receive fuel deliveries
    • E360 Station Analytics Professional
      • Real time pump sales
      • Profit analysis
      • Customer cohort & buying analysis
      • Payment analysis standard
      • Pump transactions report
      • Pump performance analysis
      • Reports
      • Alerts & Notifications
    • IoT plugin allowed (forecourt controller only*)
  • Monthly per Station
  • 60,000
    • All professional features +
    • Expense management
    • C-store management (sales, inventory, stock counts & transfers)
    • Fuel attendant management
    • B2B/B2C fleet fuelling management (requires Cupid Fuelling)*
    • Customer loyalty management (requires Cupid Rewards)*
    • E360 Station Analytics Enterprise
      • Real time wet stock monitoring (Fuel levels, temperature & water levels)
        • Consumption
        • Deliveries
      • Automated replenishment planning
      • Stock alarms
      • Stock audit reports
      • Enterprise payment analysis (requires Cupid Payments)*
      • Reports
      • Alerts & Notifications
    • IoT plugin allowed (forecourt controller and automatic tank sensors)